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The Migration Begins

Welp, with almost 250 entries under my belt, I am going to move away from LiveJournal and onto WordPress, which is the same software used by my buddy Stilts.

LiveJournal is great for community discussions -- like my friends badmagic and $sheWithMultipleLJIndentities, whose more public LJ I cannot seem to differentiate from her less-public LJ right now. Anyway, the nice thing about reading these journals is that they're more like "omg, I found this cool thing!" or "I had this weird idea, what do you think?" and then all sorts of folks come out of the woodwork to weigh in. It's like Ars, except on a much more intimate scale.

If you're into more of a Dear Diary approach, like my friend Fish Sprout, then Blogger (or LJ with the comments turned off) is a great choice. I've added some commentary to Fish Spout's blog a few times, but for the most part, it's her monologue about doing kind things, like doing another benefit run for cancer.

I, on the other hand, am not very successful at getting my readers involved. I tend to post reviews, or link and runs. I have quite a few motorcycle entries, but aside from that, my posts are more informative than conversational. As such, my LJ has turned into more of a content management tool instead of a diary -- and at this LJ is not the best. I was trying to find an article the other day for a buddy of mine, and I had to go through each month's archive in order to find it. Google's Blog Search is still a long way from indexing all of LJ. Google says that most blogs were indexed around this time last year, but most of my posts are not indexed. LJ's tag display system is lacking -- I had to cobble together the Show All Tags link, which most of you probably didn't even know was there. I would really prefer for these tags to be displayed via a dropdown select box, so that you could more easily navigate to whatever you were interested in. Alas, this is not an option.

So anyway, this is a long-winded way of saying that starting Real Soon Now™ I will be migrating my content off of LJ to a new Web site of my own. I already have a wiki set up to house things like my AIM Encryption Instructions, and a gallery so that I don't have to upload things to ImageShack if I choose.

Hang tight, this should be a bumpy ride ;)
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Now with half the fat!

So, it's the end of my second group of sessions with my trainer. As such, it was time for a fat caliper test. I knew that I was still losing fat around my midsection, but I felt guilty for slacking on my cardio schedule and for eating more cheese than I have in awhile. I make a grilled chicken breast, ham, and jack cheese sammich that is too awesome to ignore. Anyway, I got pinched. My first test from mid-March was a little off due to a different person doing a different caliper test, so my trainer and I decided that my base fat percentage was about 21%.

My triceps, rib area, and quads either went down very slightly or stayed the same. I have very very little fat on my quads, and Steve Jr mostly got skin. I don't have OMG MUSCLES! popping out, but the days of chasing that squirrel is over. My chest went up this time, which was kind of interesting, but not a big deal. The big change was in my stomach, I went down about 30% from my last measurement. I guess my body is finally done storing those french fries and tater tots I gave up a month and a half ago. My overall bodyfat percentage is now 14.1%, or as Ms. Parr would put it, I am "cut."

Anyway, for those who give a shit, here are some stats for the day. In the last three months I have: had a total weight reduction of five pounds. I have gained ten pounds of muscle and lost about fifteen pounds of fat. If I can shed another 2% body fat, I'll be extremely happy and will consider my fat loss journey to be at an end. With some determination (and more cardio), I should hit my goal in time for my birthday.
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Costco Gold Kist Farms frozen chicken

Yes, I am about to write about chicken breasts.

I normally buy a brace of chicken breasts from Costco and bag them, two at a time, in small Ziploc bags. I freeze the little chicken bits until I need them for grilling, and then I put them in the fridge the night before. While not particularly wracked with hardship, I didn't like this system for a few reasons. The first reason was that the chicken breasts were a little too large to both be in one small back, but too small to be put in a larger back. I know this speaks terribly of some sort of container-compulsion issues I may have, but damn if I didn't get peeved by having to smash two chicken breasts into a small bag. Secondly, it sucks having to bag ten pairs of chicken breasts.
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Bye bye bookmarks

I periodically go through my bookmarks and clean them up. I either delete them outright, or shove them in a folder called "Archives." Or, at least, there used to be a folder called Archives. I moused over the folder in Firefox and found that all (but one) of my archived bookmarks were gone.

I'm not sure how or why most of my archived bookmarks got deleted -- we did have a pretty nasty power outage today and my workstation died -- but if my bookmarks file was corrupted, I'd expect it to be a total loss, instead of a partial one.

Luckily, the latest version of Firefox makes nightly backups of your bookmarks. I dug one out from the 5th, and my archives were complete. The file definitely changed yesterday (technically yesterday, the 6th). I've managed to get all of my bookmarks back thanks to the older version, but I am not happy to have lost my bookmarks in the first place. If FF didn't have the backup function, I would have been SOL.
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Birds and Berries

Last weekend, Lady Jaye and I traveled up to Baltimore to see the Yankees beat the Orioles on Saturday. It was a great game and a real nail biter, as the game went into an extra 10th inning. We had a pre-game meal at the Wharf Rat, where we spent our first date. We were afraid it was going to rain, but the weather cleared right up. Saturday was perfect.

On Sunday, we visited the Chesterfield Berry Farm to pick some strawberries. It was powerfully hot last week, and I was afraid we wouldn't find too many good strawberries left. Quite the contrary, we picked about ten pounds before calling it a day and coming home. I froze 3/4 of it to use for smoothies later, and we have been slowly picking off the rest.

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Nor rain, nor snow, nor baking heat can stop the motorcyclist

I zipped out on my bike today to visit Lady Jaye, who was taking a break between shifts downtown. We wanted to grab a bite, so I motored up the highway to meet her in Super Suburbia™, where all of our favorite restaurants are. The temperature was about 86 when I left, with the heat index rounding us up to about 90 - 92. I wasn't particular nervous about the heat, having made a pilgrimage downtown in similar conditions last week in full leather. I put on my perforated leather pants, jacket, my riding boots, and my new textile-mesh-leather gloves. Underneath I wore "Wickers" brand wicking leggings and a compression-fit wicking long sleeve top from Old Navy, of all places.
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Plantronics Discovery 640 Bluetooth Headset Review

One of the things I was most excited about when I purchased my new E815 cell phone was acquiring a Bluetooth headset. At the time, I still had the potential of traveling up to Rockville every two weeks and out to California once a month. Having a handsfree kit was really attractive, and the thought of not having a corded headset was very appealing.

The problem with Bluetooth headsets, and my highest-priority criteria, is that it could not be the size and shape of a damn Star Trek phaser. It's the rage out here to wear big-ass Motorola ear pieces that flash blue every few seconds. HAY GUYS, I CAN'T MISS THIS EMPORTANTE CALL FRUM MAH WIFEY!!

The second criteria was range (the longer the better), then sound quality, and then price.
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Sacrificial Lamb

Every once in awhile I will start browsing amazon.com or whatnot looking for recent albums by my favorite artists. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and find a new album released just a few months ago, or whatever. And sometimes what I discover is a real shot in the nuts. Any time there's a long lapse between releases, I get nervous (Weekend Players, I'm thinking of you). So it was with great trepidation that I started researching the fate of Lamb, one of my favorite bands.

I found out that they have been split up since September of 2004. I don't know why this is such a big deal to me, since I obviously didn't follow the band closely enough to hear about their farewell live performance nearly two years ago. But for some reason, I feel particularly sad about the whole deal. Lou Rhodes, the female vocalist, started her own record label Infinite Bloom, and has a solo album out. By what I read on Amazon today, the electronica melodies present in Lamb aren't a part of her new musical endeavor. Oh well, nothing stays the same forever.