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24 Percent

After months of wondering, I cut the bullshit and went to the gym today to calculate my body fat percentage and to partner up with a personal trainer. I calipered in at 24%, which is the most I've ever been. Getting calipered reaffirmed my believe in that body fat % is far more important than overall body weight. I weigh 2 pounds more than when I lived in Oregon and had a body fat percentage of 12%. Then, as now, my trouble spot is around mah belly. I attribute that to not exercising and to sitting down all day. And cheese fries.

So, starting tomorrow I'll be working with Steve Jr., a young buck who never the less has eight years of personal training experience. I told him I'd do whatever it takes, as long as it doesn't involve running or giving up hamburgers. ;)

Join me in welcoming my new tag: 24 Percent.
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