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Sasquatch: Man or Beast? Or Beast-Man?

It's been less than a month since I posted faceless pictures of myself as a benchmark for my workout sessions. After my last fat-pinching, I had Lady Jaye take some updated pictures.

The last rev of pictures are on the top in each group.

The front

The differences are subtle, and I'm not talking about the awful lighting. You can see my hip bones a lot better now, and I've started (slowly) to add some mass to my chest. Despite going up in strength quite a bit in the last month, my arms and shoulders still look about the same.

The back

From this angle, it looks like I've thinned out quite a bit. Either my back is becoming more muscular again, or I'm just shedding some of the center fat.

The side

Okay, admittedly I cheated last time and stuck my stomach out a bit, but nevertheless you can see some improvement from the side, also. I apologize for facing the opposite way. The one thing I immediately noticed was HOW AWFUL my swayback has gotten. Sitting for 14+ hours is really messing up my posture. How do I fix this? Holy shit!

Okay, that's enough for now. Hopefully we can do this again in a month and there will be even more improvement.
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