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Two Movies Enter, One Movie Leaves

I don't normally do movie reviews, because I feel that what I like about a movie differs quite dramatically from what normal people like. I have some basic requirements before I'll see a movie, although there are a few notable exceptions. A movie must have at least one:

  • Monster

  • Shootout/brawl

  • Aliens

  • Car chase

At any rate, even if I find folks who like movies that I like, I tend not to discuss particular films with them until we've all seen it. If someone asks me what I thought of Movie Such-and-Such, I just say, "Go see it," or "Rent it," or "Naw. HELL NAW." With that in mind, I present Brothers Grimm and Lucky Number Slevin to the DrFaulken cinematic crucible.

Brothers Grimm: rented via Netflix, I hereby have weighed your merits and found you horribly, horribly wanting. Naw. HELL NAW.

Lucky Number Slevin: it reminds me of two of my favorite movies combined, and features some of my favorite performers. If you like action films with plot twists, Go see it.
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