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Human-animal hybrid?

To embarrass myself into more cardio time, it's time for the monthly development shots.

The front

Holy shit, I'm starting to look like a real person! If my trainer can make my abs show, he will trick my body into doing something it's never done before. More fat loss around the waistline, and some more chest development.

The back

My back and my quads are my lucky spots. There's a big improvement here. You can also see my triceps peeking out. I have no idea what those muscles are on the left side of my lower back, but they weren't showing when we started.

The side

I had to flip this picture because I was facing the wrong way (honey, don't freak). Thinner, but still have a long way to go.

I feel a lot better about myself. The core (stomach and back) exercises I am doing now are pretty sweet. I've had a few people stop and watch me do them with while my trainer supervises. While you can't see them, the muscles I'm the most proud of over this time period are my abs.

Another 60 minutes of cardio down yesterday, bringing my weekly total up to 120. I have at least two more cardio sessions to go this week -- I am hoping to get involved in a spinning class and maybe start swimming again.
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