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Now with half the fat!

So, it's the end of my second group of sessions with my trainer. As such, it was time for a fat caliper test. I knew that I was still losing fat around my midsection, but I felt guilty for slacking on my cardio schedule and for eating more cheese than I have in awhile. I make a grilled chicken breast, ham, and jack cheese sammich that is too awesome to ignore. Anyway, I got pinched. My first test from mid-March was a little off due to a different person doing a different caliper test, so my trainer and I decided that my base fat percentage was about 21%.

My triceps, rib area, and quads either went down very slightly or stayed the same. I have very very little fat on my quads, and Steve Jr mostly got skin. I don't have OMG MUSCLES! popping out, but the days of chasing that squirrel is over. My chest went up this time, which was kind of interesting, but not a big deal. The big change was in my stomach, I went down about 30% from my last measurement. I guess my body is finally done storing those french fries and tater tots I gave up a month and a half ago. My overall bodyfat percentage is now 14.1%, or as Ms. Parr would put it, I am "cut."

Anyway, for those who give a shit, here are some stats for the day. In the last three months I have: had a total weight reduction of five pounds. I have gained ten pounds of muscle and lost about fifteen pounds of fat. If I can shed another 2% body fat, I'll be extremely happy and will consider my fat loss journey to be at an end. With some determination (and more cardio), I should hit my goal in time for my birthday.
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